PortraitI’m a translator, interpreter, writer, and editor based in Berlin and Los Angeles. With over a dozen years of professional experience in the editorial field, I offer an attractive range of skills to my clients. As a translator and interpreter, my primary language pair is French to English, and I also translate from German into English.

My main subject-matter specialties are, broadly:

  • general nonfiction
  • journalism and feature articles
  • arts, culture, language
  • technology (IT, telecommunications) and pharmaceuticals

I have experience and knowledge in a wide range of fields, from entertainment to medicine, government, and business.


I began my career as a staff writer for a community newspaper in the Santa Barbara, California, area called the **Valley Voice**. I covered beats including local and county government, arts and entertainment, business, and sports. I was soon promoted to associate editor and then to managing editor. That newspaper is no longer in existence, but in the years I spent there, I gained a profound appreciation of how important it is to take personal responsibility for the product you create. At the same time, I edited fiction and arts and entertainment articles for the Voice's sister publication, BlueEdge Magazine.

I also learned about business, specifically the economics and politics of sustaining a small company in a tight-knit community, and about applying exacting editorial standards on deadline. The printing press ran on a strict schedule, so we had to make sure everything was both correct and on time; being in charge of that process was both challenging and rewarding.

My next stop as a journalist was at the Chino Champion, in Chino, California. As a city reporter, I built relationships with people who trusted me to accurately convey sensitive information to readers. I was often praised by my employer and my sources for my diplomacy and tact, my nuanced understanding of issues, my clear and interesting writing style, and my commitment to informing the public fully about issues that affected their lives.

I spent two years as an instructor of English in public schools in the south of France. Besides increasing my fluency in the French language, I learned that my interest in communication didn’t extend only to work in the newsroom. I developed a passion for communicating knowledge to students, and my interpersonal skills came to the fore as I built a rapport with them and with my colleagues. I used poetry, art, music, and sports to build bridges with students and encourage them to take risks by using new linguistic concepts. Most importantly, explaining English to language learners helped me get reacquainted with the fundamentals of English and to study extensively how these fundamentals relate to French. Cross-cultural and inter-linguistic exchange became my focus.

In preparation for my master’s degree and career change, I continued to study French while working as a copywriter and editor. In one assignment, as a national proposal writer at Volt Workforce Solutions, I wrote and contributed to successful business proposals worth over US$215 million in just under a year.

Since obtaining my master’s degree from the University of Westminster (London, UK) and relocating to Germany, I have continued to build both my professional skill-set and my portfolio of completed projects. I remain enthusiastic about enabling international communications for clients in several countries, as well as about building ongoing, rewarding business relationships.

If you’d like to learn more, please write to me. I’m happy to send a CV or answer any questions you have.