I have a thorough knowledge and excellent command of English grammar, spelling, usage, idiom, and composition conventions. A writer must know these technical fundamentals and apply them with scrupulous attention to detail.

But for writing to really hit home, there's more to it.

As a writer and editor, I aim to bridge the informative with the persuasive and intriguing. I give clearly written documents personality. At the same time, I always keep in mind the best tone for the intended format and audience. And when editing, I always consider it a high priority to keep your individual style intact. I make sure that your unique voice rings out as clearly as possible by making sure the building blocks of language are sound, organized, and correct.


At my first job, at a California community newspaper, I worked my way up from unpaid intern to managing editor in two years. I was also a contributing editor for the paper’s sister publication, whose focus was on ocean-based adventure sports. There, I contributed entertainment reviews and edited both fiction and non-fiction.

As my newspaper career progressed, I edited calendar and obituaries sections, proofread every issue before press time, and managed online content. Now, as a freelance editor, I ensure the accuracy and clarity of documents including:

  • fiction (novels and short stories)
  • non-fiction (journalism, E-books)
  • business communications
  • exhibition statements
  • educational material


My writing background is primarily in journalism and marketing. I began my career as a staff writer at community newspapers in California. After, I became a proposal writer for a Fortune 1,000 firm, then a writer creatimg copy for both B2B and B2C applications.

I can help you!

If you want to make sure a manuscript is ready to submit to publishers and agents, if you want to make sure your brochure or website is in top condition before unveiling it for clients and prospects, or if you have any other editing or writing needs, please get in touch. I’ll be happy to give you an honest appraisal of how I can help.