Words have power.

Let’s put yours to work.


I produce accurate, insightful, and idiomatically authentic translations from French and German into either American English or British English.

I have completed projects on many subjects, with extensive experience in:

  • Arts and culture: books and exhibit guides on photography, music, sculpture, painting, and more
  • Documentary screenplays
  • Nonfiction, particularly journalism
  • Business and marketing
  • Medical, pharmaceutical, and information technology

Writing & editing

I write interesting, persuasive text. As an editor, I strive to enhance clarity and liveliness while preserving the writer’s unique voice.

I have twenty years of writing and editing experience in fields including:

  • Newspaper, magazine, and online journalism
  • Nonfiction books: children’s activities, cooking, automotive, and more
  • Healthcare, both provider-to-patient and B2B
  • Business and marketing
  • Web copy, including SEO content