Writing and editing

To write or edit well, it’s critical to know the technical fundamentals of English and apply them with careful attention to detail. Grammar, spelling, usage, idiom, composition techniques—these must be mastered.

But for writing to really hit home, there’s more to it.

I deliver texts that are clear, informative, persuasive, and intriguing. I always keep in mind the best tone for the intended format and audience. And when editing, I always take care to keep the writer’s individual style intact—if you’re my client, I make sure that your unique voice rings out clearly. I do this by making sure the building blocks of language are used in a sound, organized, and imaginative way.


In the last two decades, I have worked:

  • at community newspapers, in roles from intern proofreader to beat reporter to obituaries coordinator to managing editor
  • at a local adventure-sports magazine, where I edited fiction and non-fiction
  • as a contractor for many clients in diverse sectors, from tech start-ups to hospitals to publishing

Currently, as a freelance editor, I ensure the accuracy and clarity of documents including:

  • fiction (novels and short stories)
  • non-fiction (journalism, E-books)
  • business communications
  • exhibition statements
  • educational material


I began my career as a newspaper reporter and quickly worked my way up the editorial-staff ladder. As a teacher of English as a foreign language, I have written my own lesson plans and classroom materials. I then became a national proposal writer for a Fortune 1,000 firm, where I wrote and collaborated on successful proposals for accounts worth over $215 million in a year.

Now, as a writer, I create copy for both B2B and B2C applications. My clients include individual professionals, regionally prominent language-service agencies, and multinational industrial giants expanding into new spaces.

I can help you!

Are you:

  • Planning to submit a manuscript to publishers and agents?
  • Designing or redesigning your company’s website?
  • Thinking about launching a blog to help your brand’s online visibility?
  • Trying to generate SEO-optimized content for your site and boost your search rankings?
  • Contemplating new marketing materials that explain what you offer?
  • Starting a business and preparing your corporate communications?

Then I can help you make sure your text is sharp, persuasive, and lively. So if you’re in one of these groups, or if you have any other editing or writing needs, please get in touch. I’ll be happy to give you an honest appraisal of how I can help.