I deliver polished, accurate translations that read naturally.

I do it on time and with excellent customer service.

I work from French and German into English (not the other way around!).

I have extensive experience in:

  • medical and pharmaceutical translation
  • business translation (correspondence, publications such as reports and newsletters)
  • technical translation, particularly for construction, industry, audiovisual, and information technology
  • marketing translation for B2B and B2C applications

I aim to be versatile, skilled, dependable, and easy to work with. I’m continually pursuing learning opportunities, as well—it’s important to keep my skills sharp, both for language and for subject-matter knowledge.

My mother tongue is US English. I am also comfortable and experienced working in British English—I did my master’s degree in London, and I do regular work for UK-based clients.

My clients

Directly and through agencies, I have performed translations for firms including:

  • One of the world’s largest multinational technology companies
  • Several trade and mass-market publications
  • Artists, art galleries, and museums
  • Specialty companies in the luxury-goods sector
  • One of the largest worldwide entertainment promotions companies in its segment
  • Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers
  • Major multinational telecommunications companies
  • Top multinational industrial and transportation firms


I adhere to the confidentiality commitments I make to my clients. Therefore, I do not publicly identify specific firms with which I have worked, nor do I share the documents I have worked on for them, without their express consent.

I am proud of my work and it would be nice to display it publicly, but discretion is important to my clients, and their satisfaction is important to me. (So is legal compliance!)


My clients have repeatedly praised my attention to detail, my prompt delivery of work, and the overall quality of my translations. I stand by my work, and I am happy to demonstrate my skill by translating a sample text.

(Sample text offer is subject to length limitations, is not for publication or other external use, and is available to new clients only.)


I am an individual member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and an associate member of the Institute for Translation and Interpreting (ITI). My application for membership of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) is under review as of 5 July 2023.


My rates are competitive and fair, and I can give you a specific cost analysis upon request. Send me an email describing your project to get an estimate.

I’d love to tell you more. Please get in touch!